Three Day Schedule

Patrons can be sure to enjoy a jam packed weekend at the Dundas Plowing Match. Here is a look at the three day schedule. Please note that the schedule is subject to change – be sure to follow schedules given at the gate and make note of signs posted around the fair grounds.

2019 Schedule Coming Soon!

Sunday, August 19th

6:00pm     PEI Mutual Youth Talent Contest

Tuesday, August 21st

7:00pm     Rev. Barry King, Master Psy. Medium

Wednesday, August 22nd

8:00pm     Queen of the Furrows Pageant

Thursday, August 23rd

7-8:30pm   Youth Trivia (ages 12-18) Free

9:00pm     Moosehead Adult (19+) Trivia $2

Friday, August 24th

8:00am     Breakfast – Until 10am    

8:30am     Light Horse  & Pony Show

9:00am     Queen of the Furrows Plowing

11:00am Kings County Open Plowing

                 Poultry Judging

                 Bent Elements & Midway open!

11:30am   Dinner – Served all day 

12:30pm   Music: Lester MacPherson &Friends

1:00pm     Heritage Hall Opens – Exhibits  

                   4-H Display Opens

                   Draft Animal Rural Heritage Demo

                   Gang Plow Class

1:30pm     Needle Felting Demo with Lisa Freeman,owner

                  Messy Crow Art Studio, Souris

2:00pm     Opening Ceremony  & Special Awards

                   Single Furrow Plow Class

                    Sulky & Walking

2:30pm     Two Sod Tractor Plow Class

                    Hydraulic & Trailing

                    Light Horse & Pony Show Con’t

3:00pm     Queen of the Furrows Crowning

                   Three-sod Tractor Plow Class

                   Hay Competition

3:30pm     4-H Plowing Competition

                   Children’s Activity: Piggy Swat

4:00pm     Music: Dave Thompson

4:15pm     Bubble Gum Contest

5:00pm     Heritage Hall Closes – Exhibits

7:30pm     Ceilidh – $5.00 admission   – 11

 Saturday, August 25th

8:00am     Breakfast – Until 10am  

8:30am     Boys & Girls Under 16 Plow Class

9:00am     Heritage Hall Opens – Exhibits  

                  4-H Display Opens

                  Draft Horse Show

                  4-H Horse & Pony Classes

9:30am     Boys & Girls (16-18) Plow Class

11:00am   Parade – Begins at corner by

                    Campbell’s Irving  “Youth in Agriculture”

                    Bent Elements & Midway open!

11:30am   Dinner – Served all day 

12:00pm   Music: Peggy Clinton & Johnny Ross

                   PEI Ag Awareness Photo Booth

12:30pm   4-H Livestock: Sheep, Goat  & Cattle

                  Antique Tractor & Engine Demo

1:00pm     Draft Animal Rural Heritage Demo

                  Lawn Tractor Pull

                  Antique Power Demo

                 Hydraulic, Trailing  &Gang Plow Classes

                 Wood Turning Demo with Mark Reeves

                 Savour the Flavours Food Demo

                 Pony Rides – Until 3pm  

                 Face Painting  & Balloon Twister

1:30pm     One-sod Hydraulic Plow Class

2:00pm     Single Furrow Sulky Plow Class

                  Walking Plow Class

                  Plow Heritage Demo

                  Open Beef Show

                  Pedal Power Pull

                 Savour the Flavours Food Demo

2:30pm     Baby Bottle Toss & Wife Hollering

3:00pm     Ladies Plow Class

                  Savour the Flavours Food Demo

3:15pm     Music: Vanessa Bernard & Family

3:30pm     Children’s Activity: Piggy Swat

4:00pm     Step Dancing Competition

                   Oxen pull – Follows Draft Horse  

5:00pm     Heritage Hall Closes – Exhibits

10:00pm   Adult Dance (19+) w/ MacBeth

                 $10.00 admission, Cash Bar

Sunday, August 26th

8:00am     Breakfast – Until 10am  

9:00am     Miniature Horse Show  

10:00am   Open Rabbit Show  

                    Oxen Pull  

11:00am   Antique Tractor Pull  

                    Bent Elements & Midway open!

11:30am   Dinner – Served all day  

12:00pm   Heritage Hall Opens – Exhibits 

                    4-H Display Opens  

                    4-H Canine Show (weather permitting

                    4-H Poultry Show  

12:30pm   Frank Whitty & Christa Young  

                    Quilting Piecing on Machine Demo with

                    Liz Dempsey  

                    Horse Pull   

1:00pm     Draft Animal Rural Heritage Demo 

                    4-H Rabbit Show  

                    Pony Rides – Until 3pm  

                    Savour the Flavours Food Demo 

                    Finish the Furrow – Plowing Demo  

                    Balloon Twister – Until 3:30pm  

2:30pm     Bessie Bingo  

                    Savour the Flavours Food Demo  

3:00pm     Antique Tractor Pull Continues    

3:30pm     Music: Killin Tim – Blue Grass

                    Rabbit Agility Demo 

7:00pm     Gospel Concert – Local Talent