Fair Rules

We want to ensure that everybody at the Provincial Plowing Match and Agricultural Fair enjoys their experience. The Fair is a a down-home, country experience that visitors have come to love over the years. We take pride in offering this type of atmosphere to everyone who attends.

In all of our competitions and showcases we ensure that everything is judged and presented in a fair manner. Read the complete set of fair rules below.

Rules & Regulations

General Admission

1. Admission to the grounds
Adults (13 and over): $10.00
Children (12 and under): Free
4-H Members: Free showing 4-H card.
Three-day passes: Available at the gates or before the event from the office for only $25.00.
Overnight camping is permitted, only in assigned camping areas. Camping fees are $40 for the weekend.

Camping fees are in addition to daily entrance fees.

General admission does not include ceilidh, trivia or adult dance admission. Note: No admission tickets will be refunded.

Decision of the Judge(s)

2. The decision of the judge(s) is final. Any person(s) who interferes with the judges in the discharge of their duties or who attempts to influence the judges or officials by their presence or remarks or who uses abusive language in the ring or elsewhere on the grounds to the officials in charge will forfeit their right to any prize to which they otherwise may be entitled.

Lodging a Protest

3. Any contestant or exhibitor lodging a protest against an award must submit it in writing to the secretary, within one hour of the cause of the protest. The protest letter must state the cause of the protest or complaint, and be accompanied by a deposit of $20.00. The deposit will be forfeited to the Association if the protest is found to be frivolous or unfounded. The decision of the Rules Committee is final.

4. Any contestant or exhibitor infringing on any of the rules or regulations will forfeit all prizes that have been awarded to them.


5. Cheques for prize monies will be given to as many classes as possible on Sunday – the final day of the fair. A complete mailing address (including civic number) is required on the entry form.

6. All classes are open to the Maritimes.

Exhibitor Entry Fees

7. Refer to individual exhibit sections for exhibit fees, entry deadlines and details.


9. The size of the plowing land will be determined, measured, and staked by the committee in charge with each lot of land being numbered.

10. The selection of land for each contestant will be by lot.
11. Each contestant in one sod and two-sod plow will crown three rounds and cast off the remainder of the land. 12. Each contestant in three or more sod classes will crown two rounds and cast off the remainder of the land.

8. No refunds of admission tickets for exhibitors;

all exhibitors must pay admission.

13. Each contestant will make one strikeout and one finish.
14. The first two furrows thrown to the adjoining land will not be judged.

15. After setting and removing stakes, no assistance will be allowed. This includes measuring land, adjusting plows or assisting contestants in any way. Infringement of this rule will disqualify contestants.

16. Shaping of furrows by hand or stakes not permitted.
17. Wheels or gauges are not permitted on single furrow walking plows.

18. When rolling coulters are used on single furrow walking plows, the fork must have clearance of not less than 1 1⁄2 inches from the ground at all times.

19. Time allowed for plowing is 1 1⁄2 hours in all classes except the County Championship class which is two hours. Contestants who are not finished in the allotted time will be excluded from prize money.

20. All contestants must be ready to start on time.

21. The depth of the furrow must not be less than five inches.

22. Contestants under the age of 16 years must be ready to start plowing at 9 am.

23. Each contestant in plowing classes must arrange for their own equipment and use of horses or make their own arrangements for other horses if necessary. Equipment must be used only once in each class.

24. Skimmers and split crown must be used in two and three-sod tractor classes, hydraulic class, and County Championship class.

25. Strictly no plowing allowed on grounds without the permission of the Plowing Committee.

26. Contestants must be 16 years or over in the two or more sod classes. 27. Women and girls over 16 years in the Ladies class.

28. All plowing classes are open to all participants in accordance with rules governing the All Canadian Championship class. All County or Provincial representatives must be 18 years old.

29. To be eligible for the Kings County plowing classes contestants must be residents of Kings or Queens County as of January this calendar year.

30. Contestants in the horse plowing classes are allowed a teamster for the competition. This is optional.

31. Horses must be on the grounds no later than 9:00 am on the day shown except in cases of unavoidable delay in transportation.

Horse Shows

32. All animals shown must be the bona fide property of the exhibitor for at least 30 days prior to the date of the show.

33. A horse or pony may only be ridden by one rider in any one class.

34. Horses, the property of different owners, cannot be used to form a team competition in team classes, except in plowing classes.

35. In all classes where registration is required as per the prize list, the exhibitor must give the registration number when making an entry and must provide to the judge and supervisor of the department a certificate showing the animal is duly registered in a recognized stud or herd book, and registered in the name of the exhibitor, and unless such a certificate is produced as above, the animal will not be allowed to compete.

36. Horses competing in plow team classes must have taken part in plowing classes and this plowing must have been completed to the satisfaction of the judges.

General Exhibitor Responsibilities

38. As an exhibitor, please be familiar with the “Rules and Regulations”. Exhibitors must strictly follow all rules; and rules will be strictly enforced by the Fair Association officials. An exhibitor who does not respect fair rules will be asked to leave the fairgrounds immediately.

39. No persons will be permitted in the judging ring except judges, attendants and officials.

40. Every reasonable precaution must be taken to safeguard livestock while on exhibition. Owners of livestock, however, must assume all risk for the safety of the animals. Exhibitors of animals, machinery in motion, or other exhibits liable to occasional accidents, injury, or damage to a person will guard their exhibits and protect the public from injury.

41. No responsibility will be assumed by the Fair Association for an injury or damage to persons received on or during the Fair.

42. Each exhibitor is asked to conduct themselves as a protector of the ground and property of the Fair Association and their own exhibits against fire. Notify the office immediately.

43. No responsibility will be accepted for any loss or damage to any exhibitor’s personal property or automobile or damage of any kind caused by fire to person or persons working on the grounds or employed by the exhibitor.

44. Every exhibitor must transmit an entry paper to the secretary containing a correct list of animals (s)he
intends to exhibit, and in case of purebred animals, owner’s name, name of animal, Canadian registry number, date of birth, sire’s tattoo or ear tag must be included. No entry will be accepted by the secretary unless the information is complete. This rule will be strictly followed and if false information is given regarding pedigree, not only will all prize monies be forfeited, but the exhibitor will be barred from future exhibitions.

45. All livestock exhibitors will be required to present registration papers for each purebred animal exhibited by them when requested by Fair officials.

46. In the livestock classes, all animals entered must be the bona fide property of and on the premises of the exhibitor 30 days before fair date. Any party loaning animals to an exhibitor knowing it to be for exhibition purposes shall be held equally responsible with the exhibitor. The following are the only exceptions to the rules that an animal can be entered in only one section. A) All first and second placed animals will be eligible to compete in championship classes, barring stallions. B) Individual animals comprising a herd of cattle

37. Stallions must be stalled in a box stall, no exceptions; and they are barred from showing in the championship


may be entered in other classes and sections according to age and breed. C) Any animal suffering from contagious disease is barred from entering the Fair ground and if admitted through the gate, will be immediately removed at the owner’s expense. The committee may also reject any animal considered unworthy or unfit.

Prize Money

47. Due to inclement weather, prize money may be reduced at the discretion of the Fair Association.

48. The Fair Association will not be responsible to pay prize money if livestock classes do not meet the required criteria established by the Provincial Plowing Match Board. This rule will be strictly monitored and followed.


49. Dogs are allowed on leash only, and are barred from food areas and designated livestock areas. Registered guide dogs and assistance dogs may accompany their handlers in places that are open to the public.


50. Parking cars and trucks will not be permitted around livestock buildings. Vehicles blocking traffic or parked in a restricted area will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Note to All Exhibitors

Exhibitors of livestock (cattle, horses, and ponies) must provide proof of $1,000,000.00 liability insurance

with registration in advance of the show day. This is available through most home, farm, or tenant policies. If

you have questions or concerns, please contact officials prior to the show.