Light Horse Show and Rodeo

Light Horse Show and Rodeo

Light Horse Show/Rodeo Rules


– No horses on grounds prior to 4:00pm, Thursday, August 27th.
  This is to allow preparation by the volunteer committee members.

Liability Insurance is mandatory to compete or handle horses or ponies in any light horse class. IHC Insurance will NOT be  sold at the Fair office. It can be purchased through the Island Horse Council by downloading the form at:

– Light Horse and Rodeo Entries: Please refer to the entry form for entry fees and contact information. NEW RULE: Entries will be due on August 24, 2020 – late entries will be subject to a $20 late fee and will not be eligible for prize money or championship points at the show.

– Light Horses staying Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday night(s) need to reserve their stall(s) with Aimee. 
Exhibitors must clean their stall(s) before leaving. Prize money will be withheld from exhibitors who do not clean their stalls.

o PEEWEE: Riders 10 and under (as of January 1st, 2020)
o YOUTH: Riders from 11-17 years of age (as of January 1st, 2020)
o SENIOR/ADULT: Riders 18 years and older (as of January 1st, 2020)

– NEW RULE: Show Attire: Western and English attire are mandatory for participation in classes. Hoodies, ball caps, sneakers, and other casual wear is not permitted.
– Horses and ponies are to be in the holding area and ready to enter the ring when their class is called. After gate is closed no further entries will be allowed in.
– All entries must conduct themselves properly and be in control of their animals at all times or they will be asked to leave. The show committee will not tolerate any inhumane treatment of horses or ponies. Animals must be sound (not lame) and in good health. Any exhibitor can be disqualified at the judge’s discretion if safety is compromised.
– On Friday, exhibitors are permitted to warm up in the lower ring until the reining classes begin.
– The judge reserves the right to combine classes with less than three (3) entries.
– Mandatory Helmet Regulation: ALL riders under the age of 18 years must wear a helmet in all riding events.
– Individual numbers are required for each light horse entry and must be worn at all times.

Light Horse Show Rules, Friday, August 23, 2019


• This Class is for children ten years and under. Children are to have reins from the bridle; leader must have a lead line attached to a halter that is over the bridle. Children’s feet must be in the stirrups. Exhibitors in Lead Line Class are also eligible to compete in the Costume Class and Games, but not in any other riding class

• The Walk – Jog/Trot class is to be judged on the rider’s ability. Exhibitors in this class are also eligible to enter the Pet Pony, Costume & Games, but no other riding classes.

● Competitors can enter EITHER Class #9 or Class #10 BUT NOT BOTH.

PET PONY CLASS (Jellybean Memorial Trophy)
● Pet Pony to be shown in saddle only – no carts allowed.
● An adult handler may be in the ring for safety reasons, but cannot be leading the pony.
● All ponies, including those entered in the Pet Pony class, must be 14.2 hands and under.

• The Green Horse Classes are designed for horses and/or ponies in their first two years of showing, and are designed to give exposure and experience in the show ring. They may enter both classes, but are not eligible for other flat classes. Line classes and games permitted.

Hunter Hack is a class shown at a walk, trot and canter. Exhibitors will also be asked to jump a couple of fences.

• The purpose of these new classes is to support and showcase purebred Standardbreds as they succeed in a new career.
• Both Standardbred Road Hack, and Standardbred Pleasure Stake are to be ridden at a walk and trot or pace only. In the Pleasure Stake, riders will be expected to dismount and remove the saddles (with the assistance of a groom) so the horses can also be judged on confirmation.
• Western and English tack and attire permitted.
• Competitors are eligible to compete in other classes

• (NEW) if entries in the Adult English Division are low, the classes may be combined with Youth English classes however the Adult and Youth will be placed separately.

Light Horse Show August 28rd, 9am

Lunch break to be determined day of show.

Prizes: 1st $15.00 2nd $10.00 3rd $5.00 4th $4.00 5th $3.00

High Point Prizes: English Adult, English Youth, Western Adult, Western Youth, Champion Standardbred, Committee Select will be awarded at the end of the day.

Main Ring – Friday, August 23, 9am

1. Lead Line class
2. Green Rider – not to be lead but handlers can be nearby for safety and confidence
3. Pet Pony class (Jellybean Memorial Trophy)
4. Green Horse / Pony class – walk & jog/trot only
5. Green Horse/Pony Patterned class – small pattern at walk/jog/trot only.
6. Standardbred Road Hack
7. Standardbred Pleasure Stake
8. Pony Halter (14.2hh and under), Champion & Reserve Pony
9. Western type Horse – Halter (entries cannot also enter class 10)
10. English type Horse – Halter (entries cannot also enter class 9)
11. Champion & Reserve Halter Horse
12. Peewee Showmanship
13. Youth Showmanship
14. Adult Showmanship

Lunch Break

15. Costume Class
16. English Equitation – Adult
17. English Equitation – Youth (Under 18)
18. English Pleasure – Adult
19. English Pleasure – Youth (18 and under)
20. English Command Horse/Pony
21. Youth Hunter Hack Cross Pole 18″ max. (Under 18)
22. Adult Hunter Hack 18″ to 24″
23. Western Pleasure – Youth (Under 18)
24. Western Pleasure – Adult – Darla Cooper Mem.
25. Western Horsemanship – Youth (Under 18)
26. Western Horsemanship – Adult
27. Western Command – Youth
28. Western Command – Adult

Lower Ring

29. Youth Reining
30. Novice Reining
31. Open Reining

Sponsor of reining classes: Island Reining Horse Assn.

Dundas Rodeo August 29th, 1pm (Lower Ring)

(NEW) This year the schedule will be as follows:
– PeeWee and Youth Games
– Trail Challenge
– Adult Games

DIVISIONS: Lead Line, Youth, Adult.

● No horse can be entered twice in the same class.
● Level 1 & Level 2: In 2019, several horse/rider combinations placed high enough that they will be asked to compete at Level 2 in 2020. In order to compete in Level 2 you must first place well in Level 1.


Trail Classes: Will be judged on the rider’s horsemanship skills and the horse’s willingness.

Gambler’s Choice: Competitors must complete as many obstacle as possible within an assigned time or no score is given. Competitors are judged on horsemanship skills.


● PeeWee Classes– Leaders are optional as long as safety is not compromised (Adult Handler must be in ring at this time even if not leading). All riders being led must have a separate halter and leadline. The rider must have the reins from the bridle. Children’s feet must be in the stirrups. It will be a timed competition.
● Dummy Breakaway Roping Classes: $5 entry fee for this class. This is a timed event and the prize money will be divided among the participants. There will be some helpful tips and instructions available ringside.

Dundas Rodeo August 30th, 1pm (Lower Ring)

Peewee, Youth, and Adult Games. Level 1 & 2 Trail Champions.


1. Peewee Barrels
2. Youth Barrels
3. Peewee Poles
4. Youth Poles
5. Peewee Down & Back
6. Youth Down & Back
7. Peewee Toonie Race
8. Youth Toonie Race
9. Youth Barrel Buddy
10. Youth Breakaway Dummy Roping ($5 Entry Fee)


11. Lead Line
12. Level One – Youth
13. Level One – Adult
14. Level Two – Youth
15. Level Two – Adult
16. Gambler’s Choice – Youth
17. Gambler’s Choice –Adult


18. Adult Barrels
19. Adult Poles
20. Adult Down & Back
21. Adult Toonie Race
22. Adult Barrel Buddy
23. Adult Breakaway Dummy Roping ($5 Entry Fee)