Exhibitors are encouraged to vaccinate their chickens and turkeys for I.L.T. and observe a 30 day quarantine prior to the
show. All poultry entered and shown in this division must be the property of the exhibitor. Exhibitors are not permitted to
remove dividers from show cages. Chickens, waterfowl, and turkeys to be judged according to the American Standard of
Perfection. Pigeon entries to be judged according to their respective standards. All birds must be delivered no later than
10:00am Friday, Aug 24th, and will be released at 4:00pm Sunday, Aug 26th. Birds to remain all three days. Entry fee is $0.50/entry. Entry deadline: August 14th Mail to: Trevor MacDonald, Box 31, Murray River, C0A 1W0
Please refer to the “Rules & Regulations.” Judges TBA

Standard Poultry
Note: Exhibitors are limited to 3 cocks (Section A) & 3 hens
(Section B) per section.
Prizes: 1st $4.75 2nd $3.75 3rd$2.75
1) A. V. Plymouth Rock
2) Silver Spangled Hamburg
3) A.O.V. Hamburg
4) A.V. Leghorn
5) Rhode Island Red
6) White Wyandotte
7) A.O.V Wyandotte
8) Buff Orpington
9) A.O.V. Orpington
10) A.V. Modern Game
11) A.O.V. Polish
12) A.O.V. Solid Color
13) A.O.V. Parti Color
14) Standard Trio $9.50 $7.50 $5.50

Note: Exhibitors limited to 3 cocks (Section A) & 3 hens
(Sections B) per section.
Prizes: 1st $3.75 2nd $3.25 3rd$2.75
15) Black Old English Game
16) Black – Red Old English Game
17) A.O.V. Old English Game
18) White Plymouth Rock
19) Buff Plymouth Rock
20) A.O.V. Plymouth Rock
21) Rhode Island Red
22) A.V. Hamburg
23) A.V. Rosecomb
24) A.V. Sebright
25) Partridge Wyandotte
26) Black Wyandotte
27) White Wyandotte
28) Silver Laced Wyandotte
29) A.O.V. Wyandotte
30) A.V. Cochin
31) A.V. Brahma
32) Salmon Faverolle
33) Brown Red Japanese
34) Grey Japanese
35) Black Tailed White Japanese
36) A.O.V. Japanese
37) A.V. Modern Game
38) A.V. Leghorn
39) A.V. Silkie
40) A.V.D’Uccle
41) A.V Cornish
42) A.O.V Solid Color
43) A.O.V Parti Color
44) Bantam Trio, Solid Colour $7.50 $6.50 $5.50
45) Bantam Trio, Parti Colour $7.50 $6.50 $5.50

Note: Exhibitors are limited to 3 ganders (Section A) & 3 geese
(Section B) per section.
Prizes: 1st $4.75 2nd $3.75 3rd$2.75
46) Toulouse
47) African
48) Embden
49) Brown Chinese
50) White Chinese
51) Eastern Canada
52) Egyptian
53) A.O.V. 

Note: Exhibitors in this class are limited to 3 drakes (Section A)& 3 ducks (Section B) per section.
Prizes: 1st $4.75 2nd $3.75 3rd$2.75
54) Rouen
55) Pekin
56) Muscovy
57) Buff
58) Indian Runner
59) Khaki Campbell
60) White Call
61) Grey Call
62) A.O.V. Call
63) Mallard
64) Black East Indie
65) A.O.V.

Note: Exhibitors in this class are limited to 2 toms (Section A) &2 hens (Section B).
Prizes: 1st $4.75 2nd $3.75 3rd $2.75
66) Any variety of turkey

Note: Exhibitors in this class are limited to 3 cocks (Section A) &3 hens (Section B) per section.
Prizes: 1st $3.75 2nd $3.25 3rd $2.75
67) Fantail
68) Modena
69) Flying Roller
70) Blue Bar Racing Homer
71) Check Racing Homer
72) White Racing Homer
73) A.O.V. Racing Homer
74) Helmet
75) Chinese Owl
76) Ice Pigeon
77) Show King
78) Saddle Homer
79) Portuguese Tumbler
80) Show Type Homer
81) American Show Racer
82) Classic Frill
83) Runt
84) American Giant Homer
85) Dove
86) A.O.V

4-H Poultry Show

Friday, August 24th / Sunday, August 26th
Note: 4-H animal projects must be
pre-registered by July 15th with Provincial
4-H Office. Exhibition entry form available
at www.pei4h.ca

Conformation Friday, August 24th, time TBA
Will take place in the Poultry Barn…

Showmanship Sunday, August 26th
Registration: 11:00am – 12:00pm
Show: 12:00pm
Will take place in the Display Barn…


The following trophies have been graciously

By Laurie Moore, in memory of Chester Moore
for best male and female waterfowl.

By James Butler for best bantam male and

By the Provincial Plowing Match, in memory of
J. M. MacKenzie for standard male and female.

By Garth Taylor & Family (Perpetual) for Overall
Grand Champion of Show.

By Barbara Wright-MacKenzie, in memory of J.
Malcolm MacKenzie for Reserve Grand
Champion of Show